Kingdom Builders & Remodeling (KBR) is a Christian-based, roofing organization with the goal of helping people through a building trusting, personal relationships. Since 2013, KBR has been a full-service general contracting company for residential and commercial construction that is capable of doing just about any job, from roofing and siding repair to interior painting and drywall installation.

KBR owner Trent realized the success of the business is first built on the success of the fostered relationships. Trent believed strong employees will make the quality and efficiency of their work undeniable! Clients benefit from this by not only the completion of their amazing project but knowing that a healthy environment is always present on our job site.

KBR is active in the community of Marion, Ohio. By working with local sober living facilities, we aim to play a pivotal role in the recovery of Marion. KBR actively enables self-sufficiency for people fighting for recovery. One of our goals is to create a safe, encouraging work site that fosters healing for others in need. Whether you have just purchased your home or looking to update, our team is ready and willing to help!


When it comes time to replace your roof or improve the exterior and interior of your home or business, KBR is the company you can trust. KBR genuinely cares about the relationships fostered. We will sit down and talk to you on a personal level and educate you on jobs to be performed. To create a space where you can share and make life’s memories, you need people with a genuine desire to what is right.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality commercial and residential construction projects. KBR specializes in residential and commercial roofing, including roof repair, installation, inspection, maintenance, restoration, and replacement. Ohio is well-known for fluctuating weather, so next time a storm hits your home, you can trust KBR to repair any damaged components of your roofing system.

KBR also offers services such as residential and commercial remodel and new residential and commercial construction. We contribute services relating to siding, windows, masonry, exterior doors and insulation.


KBR General Contracting

Trent McDaniel


Over the past 10 years, Trent has been developing the business. Trent is a phenomenal problem-solver. He adds immense value to the prices we are able to offer our clients as well as the personal benefit of all employees of the company. Any conversation with Trent ends in a solution for a business problem and a life lesson.


We are more than a construction company. In the same way, we have built a new reality from where we were, we are committed to instilling the same hope for others.

Being Present

“We put our bodies where our mouth is.” Does money fix everything? Is a quality relationship better than money? Many people talk about a change in our community, but few people are willing to be present and available when change is needed. Our community does not need us in our home talking; they need us actively engaging others. We focus on time management to ensure we are having the impact we hope for. We are present in local community efforts that support people fighting for greater hope.”

Learning & Teaching

“Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach.” Have you taught or learned something that had great value? These humbling thoughts keep our leadership team focused on treating each person and circumstance with the appropriate respect it deserves. This maintains a level of honor within every interaction. No matter the situation or background, we value the person. And, we find when you should interest and appreciation, the same is returned to you.”


“Go congratulate someone and see how they react. How did you feel the last time you were congratulated for something you did? We create an environment of celebrating others success versus boasting about our own. We find more can be accomplished when people feel celebrated for the achievements they have accomplished. Most settings belittle achievement with a great focus on the next task. The best way we can put it is, ‘ We will never execute the task and execute the person.’ Our sense of enjoyment and passion for what we do will outweigh the other.”

Community Efforts

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Group Foundations
  • Family Life Church
  • North Central Ohio Rehabilitation Center (NCORC) Mentorship
  • Harding High School
  • Rushmore Academy
  • Juvenile Detention
  • Marion County Jail
  • Youth Baseball
  • Youth Wrestling